Last Boy Standing


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Last boy standingLast Boy Standing

Who is this boy?

John has been standing at the front of the class for over 50 years. He was born with a cleft lip and dyslexia, he was also rubbish at football.

As well as being the last one picked for playground football, he constantly lost at kiss chase and suffered ritual humiliation at the hands of his teachers.

Each Friday at school the teacher would hand out 20 words to be learnt for a spelling test the following week.

Each Monday she would stand the class up and get them to sit down in  reverse order  based on the scores they got
Each Monday John was the Last Boy Standing.

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In spite of this, John was a happy chap with supportive parents and a positive outlook. He went on to build several small businesses before deciding he wanted to show off a bit.

Since then he has travelled the world sharing what he has discovered about the brain, creativity and the lottery of life with young people and their teachers.

The Last Boy Standing is available to schools, local authorities, universities and anywhere interested in helping young people reach their full potential.

With luck, he will remember most of the words, just don’t ask him use a flipchart!

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Links with Personal Learning & Thinking Skills:

  • Independent Enquiry
  • Creative Thinking
  • Reflective Learning
  • Team Working
  • Self Managing
  • Effective Participation
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What’s included?

  • Live performance by John
  • Travel and accommodation
  • All delegate consumables
  • All technology required for delivery
  • Post workshop access to downloadable resources
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