The place where people doing well can partner with people doing good.

Big Companies and big Not for Profit organisations seek each other and create partnerships that make the world a better place.
At CSRX SMEs can find and partner with local organisations that are make a positive impact on the local community.

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FAQs – Not for Profits

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Q. Do we have to be a charity?
A. No

Q. Do we qualify?
A. See check list of qualifying organisation types.

Q. How much can we get?
A. Well, its not just about money. Companies can also contribute time, expertise, resources and people to help your project. Financial contributions depend on your needs and the company’s budget.


Etc, etc etc ….

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Q. Why should we do this?
A. Businesses proposer in communities where people prosper, feel safe and secure and their basic needs met. Helping your community will help your business, oh, and its makes you feel pretty good as well.

Q. So do we just write a  cheque then?
A. You can do, but CSRX works best when the partners engage at a level beyond a basic donor and recipient level.

Q. What dose that mean?
A. Not For Profit organisational often need more that just cash. Consultancy, office space, spare equipment or machinery and some of your team’s time could be just as useful to them and cost you less than writing a cheque.

Etc, etc etc ….


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