Thinking Corner Worldwide has its finger on the pulse of the education sector. With an ongoing relationship with over 500 Schools, Academies, Colleges, Further Education Institutions, Adult Learning Centres and Universities – we are perfectly placed to conduct evaluative and developmental study of your ongoing education programme.

We can tailor each consultancy package to your individual requirements. We work with corporate clients, not-for-profit organisations and charities to determine key performance indicators and project outcomes, that reflect the needs of each individual outfit.

In all we do, we reflect our brand values:

Responsibility – We undertake all work with upmost responsibility, ensuring that the quality of your brand is maintained. We consistently act within appropriate social and environmental agendas in tandem with our corporate and social responsibility policy and environmental policy.

Challenging – We produce innovative and thought-provoking work by challenging ideas and using appropriate mediums to deliver materials and resources with a legacy, lasting value and longevity.

Questioning – We will constantly question our own work and the work of our clients (where appropriate), ensuring that the fundamental principles/KPIs are being adhered to.

Definitive – We operate with appropriate authority to produce decisive results within an indicated time frame.

Outstanding Quality – In addition to all KPIs agreed with its clients, we produce work of outstanding quality from each project’s origin to its resolution.

For a free no-obligation chat about how we might offer consultancy to your current education provision, please call project manager Adam on 07817461913.

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