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Who Are We? 我们是谁?

Thinking Corner is a project developed in the UK by John Biggs dedicated to creating thinking skills programmes to improve the life chances of young people around the world.

Thinking Corner由John Biggs在英国创立,旨在为全世界年轻人提供培训,提高创造性思维技能,帮助他们取得成功。

What Have We Done? 成功经历?

We have worked with hundreds of schools and thousands of teachers and pupils around the world.

We have worked with a range of partners including:  Honda, Nokia, HSBC, Pfizer, BP, UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office, British Council, Victoria Education Dept (Australia), School of Oriental and African Studies (London).


培训合作对象包括:Honda, Nokia, HSBC, Pfizer, BP, UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office, British Council, Victoria Education Dept (Australia), School of Oriental and African Studies (London).

What Do We Deliver?  我们提供什么服务?

There are three main units to the programme:


Brain Power 大脑能力

The brain is the most powerful computer in the world, yet it comes without an instruction manual.


In this unit we explore the workings of the brain and look at how basic functions such as linking and associating shape our thinking.


We examine the impact of the senses on our thinking and discover how the process of mind mapping can harness the subconscious power we all possess.


Creativity 创造力

What does a creative person look like and are they allowed to wear a suit?


In this unit we shatter the myth that creativity is bestowed selectively and introduce students to some tools designed to unleash the creativity inherent in them all.


We explore the impact of perception on thinking and entice students to leap enthusiastically outside of their thinking boxes.


Personal Development 个人发展

If you believe you can, or if you believe you can’t, you will always be right.


In this unit we look at what makes ordinary people achieve extraordinary things.


We find out what makes us into the people we are and discover the key to setting goals, overcoming barriers to success and achieving our dreams.


Teacher Training 教师培训

Providing young people with the tools to reach their full potential is at the heart of our work.


We believe that to reach the maximum number of young people it is important for us to share our work with educators so that they can pass it on to other young people.


Our unique teacher training model allows educators go through the programme alongside a group of students.  At the end of the programme we provide the educators with lesson plans to enable them to replicate the delivery of the programme.


Does It Work? 有用吗?

We have worked with over 500 schools and universities in UK, 20 schools in Australia and 20 universities in China. Over the last twenty years we have reached 55,000 students and 10,000 educators.  Over 90% of delegates on our programmes evaluated them as ‘Very Effective’


Why China? 为什么中国?

The Chinese education system is very successful at producing highly qualified young people. This has contributed to the extraordinary level of growth experienced in recent years.


As the world becomes more competitive universities and international corporations are looking for people good academic qualifications and good thinking skills.


To succeed it is vital that young people add to their skill sets by developing the ability to maximise the power of their brains, think more creatively and develop greater awareness of their potential.


The teaching of thinking skills is now part of the mainstream curriculum in many countries. These skills are currently not available to students in the education system in China.


Thinking Corner is seeking partnerships in the corporate, education and not for profit sector to roll out their programmes in China.

Thinking Corner希望在中国寻找企业,教育以及非营利性机构来发展这一项目。

For more information contact us.


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